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9 Ways To Say Good Morning in French - FrenchMaestro
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9 Ways To Say Good Morning in French

Bonjour is considered as the equivalent word in saying good morning in French. This is a proper word that can be literally translated as good day with “bon” as good, and “jour” as day. You may be wondering why it is used for such translation. There are misconceptions that bon matin or bonne matinee must be used for good morning in French.

Well, bonjour is the standard used by French in greeting good morning, good afternoon and good evening. Though bon matin and bon matinee both literally be translated into good morning but it is rarely used by French people. This is considered as informal greeting so French people prefer to use bonjour and this will make you a native speaker of French language.

The correct way of pronouncing bonjour normally trips the people up. Bon should be quickly pronounced that will sound like “bon” except for the idea that “on” sound should have nasal quality. Then the rest of this word should be slurred onto it having soft sound of “jhe”. This good morning in French translation is pronounced as “bon-zhoor”. You will be practiced speaking this French word with the aid of audios and videos provided in this site.

There are several ways as to how you will greet people thru French language. The correct manner of greeting will depend on the people you are greeting as well as the situation. If it is morning and you are greeting somebody whom you do not know, it is best to use bonjour. Using this term is appropriate in almost all kind of situations.

You may add mademoiselle, monsieur or madame to the end of the greeting. The polite manner of addressing someone after you greet bonjour is thru addressing the person thru his or her correct title. It is best to say bonjour before you will state the title of the person you are addressing. Use madame as the equivalent English term for ma’am. You will use this for all married women and is pronounce as mah-dahm. Mademoiselle is used in French word for miss. It is recommended to be used for all unmarried women and to be pronounced as mah-dahm-wuh-zell. For mister or sir, it is best to use Monsieur that you can use for any married or unmarried man that should be pronounced as mer-syer.

If you are going to greet a group of people, audience or crowd you will say bonjour a tous. This phrase is roughly translated as good morning to everyone or good morning everyone. This is usually used upon addressing audience rather than addressing a family or group of friends. You will pronounce bonjour a tous as bon-zhoor ah toos with the “S” to be closely sounded as a soft “Z”.

It may be hard for you to greet good morning in French especially if you are not a native speaker of the language. But thru this article and the uploaded audios as well as videos it will make the process easier for you.

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