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About us - FrenchMaestro
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About us

French Maestro is the result of a 5-years project developed by two brothers, born & raised in France. They are both married to exceptional wives (one from Spain, the other from Japan) and now living abroad, in different continents (one in Ireland, the other in China). 

French Maestro, 2 brothers teaching French online !

French Maestro, 2 brothers born in Paris teaching French online !

You can trust their experience for learning & teaching a foreign language. Together :

  • they have learned more than 10 different languages​, so they know what it means to be a student and the difficulty of learning a new language !
  • they have spent hundreds of hours teaching French to students from all possible nationalities, in classrooms or virtual Skype sessions
  • they are raising bi-national kids, which give them an even deeper perspective on pedagogy and learning strategies.

Pursuing their passion to teach French and revealing the beauty of their own city Paris, they are proud to contribute to your journey in the French world. Deeply convinced that learning and mastering a new language goes far beyond the usual grammar, lexicography and other linguistic exercises one can traditionally do at school or in a private institution, they are totally devoted to teach French through  its culture.

More about your French teachers...

Frédéric French teacher

Maestro Frédéric, (aka "Fred" or "Fredo"), was born in the 20th Century, but in the 12th district of Paris. With some grand-parents originating from Italia, he developed his passion for foreign language at the age of 10 , starting to learn English and drawing in his notebook nice copies of his favorite French comics (Tintin, Asterix & Obelix, Spirou !). Please note that he did this getting the benediction and finally approval of his English teacher. He then met Spanish language at the age of 13 and fell in love at the age of 15 with Japanese... language, of course.

Graduating from the National Institute of Oriental Languages in Interpreting-Translating Japanese, he also got a diploma in International Trade. He started to learned Korean at same time and paid more and more attention to the various techniques of teaching French as Foreign Language ( FLE ) while giving one-to-one private french lessons. 

Yannick Designer

Maestro Yannick was also born in the 12th district of Paris, but 2 years later. He learned LatinGerman in school, mainly because he was forced to. In true honesty, he wasn't interested that much in languages during his teenage years... until this mild night of June 1993 in the "Parc Montceau", where he heard a young English guy singing "Sitting on the dock of the bay" while playing the guitar. So he decided to do the same and started both extensive guitar & English lessons on his own. A few years later, he was able to speak decent English - and shred a few rock licks as well ;-) 

Benefiting from his brother's obsession for Asiatic languages, he couldn't do otherwise than learning Japanese.Three years that were pretty intensive, culminating by a 6 months internship in Tokyo before starting his professional life in Digital Marketing. The following fifteen years, he spent hundreds of hours trying different books & methods for Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish and Arabic

Why "French Maestro" ? 

For sure, it is not related with Stromae, neither with Paul Pogba - whom we both admire ! The name actually came up as an evidence after brainstorming more than a hundred different ones.

  • the image of the school teacher seems natural as our mission is definitely to teach French language. This teacher is very knowledgeable (trus us !), hence the reference to Einstein... and hopefully not too boring, hence the reference to the Doc
  • the conductor of an orchestra is also appropriate as we focus a lot on pronunciation and we cover French artists in our sections dedicated to French culture
  • Maestro is a famous fictional character which accompanied us during our childhood. It's said to be a representation of Leonard de Vinci
  • finally, we have Italian roots from our father side, so it's sort of an homage to him and this beautiful country . Did I mention that Italy is the place where I proposed to my wife ;-)

Now, enough about us ! Join us on our social networks and tell us who you are !!!