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Telling the time in French 10:00 to 11:00 - FrenchMaestro
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Telling the time in French 10:00 to 11:00

"Bonjour ! Quelle heure est-il ? " That's a question that could catch you by surprise. Especially if you do not know very well how to express time in French. Whether at the office, at home, with friends or in the streets you may have to face the situation of being asked about time. No need to panic ! "Pas de problèmes" as we say in French. We will reveal you all the tricks that never fail.

Needless to say you first need to know how to count from 0 to 24 (in a few words " de zéro à vingt-quatre" ). If you don't master completely this skill, no worry, we have a dedicated lesson for French numbers, so you can always refer to it. 

And now, let's focus on telling time in French in the morning, starting at 10 am. 

French time format : 10am to 11am, per 5 minutes

It's 10am, "dix heures du matin" as we say. Usually at that time French people are half way to their morning.... sometimes already thinking about the coming lunch (no kidding, you know how important it is for us... I recall some conversations with my colleagues about the choice of the restaurant for the lunch starting even earlier !).

Now let's see in detail how we tell the time in French. The table below shows how to write the time starting from 10:00am up to 10:55am, broken down per 5 minutes slot. You can here the audio version of all those texts right above or directly on our Soundcloud page. 


  • dix heures
  • dix heures du matin
  • il est dix heures
  • il est dix heures pile


  • dix heures cinq
  • il est dix heures cinq


  • dix heures dix
  • il est dix heures dix


  • dix heures quinze
  • dix heures et quart
  • il est dix heures quinze
  • il est dix heures et quart


  • dix heures vingt
  • il est dix heures vingt


  • dix heures vingt-cinq
  • il est dix heures vingt-cinq


  • dix heures trente
  • dix heures et demi
  • il est dix heures trente
  • il est dix heures et demi


  • dix heures trente-cinq
  • onze heures moins vingt-cinq
  • il est dix heures trente-cinq
  • il est onze heures moins vingt-cinq


  • dix heures quarante
  • onze heures moins vingt
  • il est dix heures quarante
  • il est onze heures moins vingt


  • dix heures quarante-cinq
  • onze heures moins le quart
  • il est dix heures quarante-cinq
  • il est onze heures moins le quart


  • dix heures cinquante
  • onze heures moins dix
  • il est dix heures cinquante
  • il est onze heures moins dix


  • dix heures cinquante-cinq
  • onze heures moins cinq
  • il est dix heures cinquante-cinq
  • il est onze heures moins cinq

See, it wasn't that complicated :-) If you learn those 12 different ways to indicate time in French, you will be able to express yourself in nearly all situations. Yet, you may wonder : what about other times ? For instance : how do I say 10:28 in French ? Well, the system is quite easy, as you just use the following form : [the word for the hour + the word "heures" + the word for the minutes].  Finally, 10:28am would be written as "dix heures vingt-huit". More examples below :

  • 10:13 => dix heures treize
  • 10:28 => dix heures vingt-huit
  • 10:39 => dix heures trente-neuf
  • 10:57 => dix heures cinquante-sept

Enough for the rules & the writing, let's turn to the correct French pronunciation as we want you to get it, that's our commitment !

Time in French pronunciation

Providing you already know how to pronounce the numbers in French, chances are you won't have any difficulty for telling time. 

In the image below, we have gathered all French words for expressing time between 10am and 11 am. As you can see, that's only a dozen of words to master maximum. And the good news : you will find them in nearly all other time slots. 

French time words & expressions, 10am to 11am

French time words & expressions, 10am to 11am

Probably the most important point here is to make the correct liaison between the word "dix" and the word "heures". So eventually, "dix heures" must be pronounced like /diz œʁ/

To pronounce correctly the 10th hour of the day in French, there are around 15 different syllables / sounds to master : 

  • ​art : /aʁ/
  • ze : /z/
  • in : /ɛ̃/
  • ix : /is/
  • en, an : /ɑ̃/
  • moins : /mwɛ̃/
  • and the consonants d, z, c, q, r, d, m, l, t, which are usually easy for students

As you may have noticed, there are a few mute consonants in those words above. So be sure not to pronounce the final "gt", "t" and "s" of those numbers / words  :

  • vingt => /vɛ̃/
  • quart => /kaʁ/
  • moins => /mwɛ̃/
  • heures => /œʁ/

OK, so we've seen the rules, the expressions, their pronunciations, the syllables... I think we're done for today's lesson :-)

A bientôt !

So, did you get it ? Some figures/numbers were difficult to pronounce ? In that case, why don't you try our lessons about figures and numbers ? It could be a way to learn or consolidate numbers and figures which are one of the basis of French language. You can do it ! We know it. Keep learning and May the French be with you. 

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