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How to Say Bless You in French - FrenchMaestro
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How to Say Bless You in French

Bonjour ! and welcome to today’s lesson where we will see When and How to Say Bless You in French. Perhaps you are accustomed to hearing many people say, “bless you” whenever someone sneezes. It is just one of the simple norms. Every sneeze acquires a different ring to it; however, only few words inside the English language that would name that sound, and that is “Achoo”.

Why do we say "bless you" ? 

Thousand years ago, French people were able to say bless you in French through “santé” that is said to be known from the Romans who were acquainted to say “Salve” that denote “good health to you” or “Jupiter preserve you”. Some Christians in France at this time were used to say “Dieu te/vous bénisse” that should have arrived from the translation of what we know in English as “bless you” or “God bless you.”

On the other hand, the word “God bless you” originated from Pope Gregory the Great, who was able to utter it during the 6th century throughout the plague epidemic. Wishing someone well after they have sneeze is one of those old practice we have, and it is quite found in every part of the globe.

How to say Bless you in French

In France, many people were able to respond to sneezing by saying bless you in French through speaking “à tes souhaits”, to individual they use “tu”along with and “a vos souhaits” to individual they use “vous with”. On the other hand, the individual who sneeze will tend to replay “merci.”

Some of the other normal response on how to say bless you in French is “a test amours” however there is a rule when saying it. You can’t tell “a vos amours” to an individual you make use vous with since it is very informal. In addition, the people who does the sneezing will reply “que les tiennes durent toujours” that simply mean that “may yours last forever”.

If you will observe, some individual tell “a test souhaits”, which means “to your wishes” after a person do his or her first sneeze; “a tes amours” that means to your loves after the following sneeze and the third sneeze you will say “qu’elles durent toujours” which means that may they last forever.

Most of the times, young individual tend to add he fourth one whenever the person keeps on saying “va crever” or “crever” that means “die” or the famous expression of Adma Osimole “go and die”. Wishing a person well after he or she sneeze are recognized to began countless of years ago. It was said that whenever an individual sneezes, it is for the reason that a divine spirit was passing by and at the same time one has to tell his or her wisher before he left.

If you are learning the new language such as French, it is essential that you’ve also considered some of the commonly used expressions like bless you in French that will enables you to get familiarized the language. This is one of the beginner phrases you need to know if you’re still new in learning the French language.

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