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How to Say Shut Up in French - FrenchMaestro
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How to Say Shut Up in French

Bonjour ! and welcome to today’s lesson focused on How to say Shut up in French.

When someone’s bothering you in Paris, you might surely want to say, SHUT UP! Don’t worry because there are lots of colourful ways to make a person shut up. Do take note that these expressions range from polite to offensive, so it is important that you are crystal clear with the perfect response you give for every occasion.

Saying Shut Up in French the polite way

Say Tais- Toi!

If you are being annoyed when someone around is noisy, you can tell him or her to be quiet by saying “Tais-toi”, pronounced as the-hwah. It is advisable that you make use of a short e sound such that of “bed”. It could mean ‘’hush’ or “shush”. It is polite, right?

Say Taisez-vous!

You can also use an alternative- Taisez-vous, pronounced as “tehzay-voo”. While you can use short e sound, you can also use long u sound such as in “stool”. This way, you are saying it like ‘Be quiet”. This is considered as a mildly rude way to say shut up in French. However, there are also some instances where in these phrases can be used in a friendly way provided that you do not say with a hostile feeling.

Say “Taise-vous, s'il vous plait!

This phrase is used to ask someone to Please Be quiet. You pronounce this phrased as tayzay-voo, seel voo pla. When saying “taise” you can use logn a sound such that in “ray” and long u sound, as in stool when saying “vous”. Use long e sound when you say “s’ill”. This way of saying be quiet in French is usually used when you want to address someone formally such as when you are talking with someone older than you. You can also use this phrase when you are speaking to bunch of people.

Je vous demande de vous taire !

This one is special, as it is a very famous sentence pronounced by a French political during Presidential elections back in 2002. It actually became a joke !

3 Not So Polite Ways to say  Shut Up in French !

Say “Ferme ta bouche”!

If you want to say shut up in French , you can say “Ferme ta bouche” pronounced as fairm tah boosh. For ferme, you can use long e sound such that in “ray” and short o as in “rock” for “ta. When saying “bouche”, you can say long u sound, such that in “bouche”. This phrase mean ‘Shut your Mouth”.

Say “Ta Gueule! This expression is that one to use when you want to tell someone to shut up in a very rude manner. If you are too annoyed, you can use this phrase because it is an effective way to say shut up. However, you have to consider a double leap of care when using this phrase, considering that it is the most insulting way to say shut up.

There you have it- some colourful ways to say Shut Up in French. As you can see, each phrase has its own level of impact, ranging from mild to rude. Having that said, it is always necessary that you are careful in using them. While it is paramount that you learn the grammar behind these phrases, it is also paramount that you are clear with the right feeling that has to be associated when saying one of these phrases.

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