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How to Write the Date in French - FrenchMaestro
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How to Write the Date in French

Learning how to write the date in French shouldn't be a problem for you. The system used in France is common to many countries, and chances are you will only see a few differences with your own system. 

Guide in Writing Date in French

Dates that are written in French are ordered by the year, month and day. This type of format is being utilized in both longer and shorthand date notation, but the longer notation usually requires knowledge of the French names for each month, French days of the week and French numbers. Writing French date is not that difficult, though you should remember to use the day month guide. Unlike in English, the names of days and months of the week are not capitalized.

Shorthand French Dates

The version of shorthand date in French would include the year, month and day that are divided by a backlash. For example, if you want to represent December 5, 2014, you would write, 05/12/14.

Long Version of the French Dates

If you want to fully write the dates in French, all you need to do is to use the same order of details and information as noted above, but precede it with appropriate French article. For example, if you want to write Friday, April 8, 2005, you could write “le 8 avril 2005”. The preceding article “the or le” remains the same for all the date notations.

Writing Dates in French

French Term

· janvier

· fevrier

· mars

· avril

· juin

· juillet

· aout

· septembre

· octobre

· novembre

· decembre

Learn the Proper Way to Write the Date

When it comes in writing the date in French, it is written in the format of “day month year” with no commas. Don’t capitalized the name of the month.


· 5 aout 2011 (5/8/2011)

· 16 mars 2009 (65/3/2009

Proper Way to Write Days of Week

French Term

ü lundi

ü mardi

ü mercedi

ü jeudi

ü vendredi

ü samedi

ü dimanche

If you are interested to know and learn the proper way of pronouncing and writing days of week in French, kindly refer to the guide mentioned above. You should bear in mind that in French, the names of the days are not capitalized.

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