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The Importance of Learning French numbers 1 to 100 - FrenchMaestro
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The Importance of Learning French numbers 1 to 100

To be able to be truly fluent in a certain language whether it be your second or third, you need to be able to master the basics, one of which being French numbers 1 to 100. Numbers are used in everyday life, to tell the time, to shop, to count, to identify objects, dates, place and birthdays. Without even realising it, numbers play a specific role in our communication skills.

There are many ways to easily learn numbers and counting but to be able to truly be a professional you need to be able to memorize them and identify them like a second nature. If you are looking into speaking French or learning or even thinking about teaching French in the future you need to understand the importance of numbers.

List of French numbers 1 to 100 - Male voice !

The French language is not only a romantic language but is a language that people use all over the world and you will benefit highly from taking the time to not only learn the language but understand the basics as well.

List of French numbers 1 to 100 - Female voice !

The key to learning how to count in French from 100 to 1000 is to learn the first hundred numbers, from one to one hundred; after that all you have to do is just put on the front cent (one hundred), or deux cent (two hundred), or trois cent (three hundred), or quatre cent (four hundred), or cinq cents (five hundred), etc.

To be able to become a master at counting in French or any other foreign language you need to memorize, speak, read and write the numbers. Start small and aim for large.

As a small task try writing down as you listen to the numbers one to ten. Do this more than once. Ask someone to test you on your new knowledge and see how well you can recognize them out of consecutive order. After you have mastered this first basic stage of counting, continue onwards and upwards with larger numbers and figures.

Try your hand at simple mathematic problems in French (of course) and try to listen to French audio and see when you recognize numbers and amounts.

There are many small things you can do in your everyday life to learn numbers in a foreign language. When you are shopping repeat prices to yourself in French, when you are at home count things in French and this way it will stick to you like a second skin.

Source : numbers on Wikipedia

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Born in Paris where he has spent more than 30 years, Yannick is a French native speaker now based in Ireland. His interest in learning foreign languages comes from his Italian grand-father, his Spanish wife and his Japanese sister-in-law. Teaching French has been a passion since his early twenties when he spent countless hours exchanging with international students.

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