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Months Of The Year In French - FrenchMaestro
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Months Of The Year In French

​Bonjour ! and welcome to our daily lesson, dedicated today to writing & saying the months of the year in French

Most people find it hard to learn French. You spend months and even years learning from books and when you finally go to France and try to talk to the common person, no one understands what you’re saying. What happened? You were so sure that your pronunciation and sentences were correct. There’s a huge difference between written and spoken French. Aside from the changes in pronunciation, the liaisons are also different. Some of the articles or pronouns may disappear altogether and the gliding is more noticeable.

You may have memorized the entire book, but actually using your language skills on the street is a completely different experience. If you’re learning French just to be good at verb tenses or read poetry, then it will be enough to learn from books. However, if you want to communicate with other people or you’re planning to go on a vacation in countries where French is the language spoken by most people, then you need to see and hear spoken French.

As a beginner, you can start by learning how to write and say the months of the year in French. What you need to remember is that the names of the months in French don’t start with a capital letter. You will notice that the sounds of the words are extremely similar to English, so it shouldn’t give you a hard time.

Pronunciation of the months of the year in French

Here’s how to write and say the months of the year in French.

  • January - janvier - /ʒɑ̃vje/
  • February - février - /fevʁije/
  • · March - mars - /maʁs/
  • April - avril - /avʁil/
  • May - mai - /mɛ/
  • June - juin - /ʒɥɛ̃/
  • July - juillet - /ʒɥijɛ/
  • August - août - /u/ or /ut/
  • September - septembre - /spətɑ̃bʁ/
  • October - octobre - /ɔktɔbʁ/
  • November - novembre - /nɔvɑ̃bʁ/
  • December - décembre - /desɑ̃bʁ/

Months of the Year in French : capitalization or not ? 

Contrary to English or German for instance, the months do NOT take any capitalization of their first letter in French. So the rules are :

  • no capitalization : I bought this car in January => J'ai acheté cette voiture en janvier.
  • only exception when placed at the beginning of a sentence : January is the first month of the year => Janvier est le premier mois de l'année.  
  • attention to "Mars", it has to take a capital "M" when it refers to the planet, but not for the month. Eg : we recently discovered water on Mars => On a récemment découvert de l'eau sur Mars.

Learn French through Videos and Audios

Phrases may be pronounced differently. For instance, the 7 syllables you learned on the book become 4 when spoken. Lessons based on videos and audios can help improve your listening and pronunciation skills and make it equal to native French speakers. You can also watch videos and listen to audios anywhere. Whether you are in your bedroom, car or kitchen or even while you are gardening, you can learn French at your own pace.

Where Can You Find French Audio Lessons

French Maestro offers French lessons for all levels. The lessons are professionally recorded and you can find videos and videos in all kinds of topics like vocabulary and grammar. The lessons will not only teach you how to write and say the months of the year in French. You will also learn French time expressions, days of the week in French as well as how to write and say the date in French.

Learning French can be an extremely rewarding skill and experience. This is particularly beneficial if you are planning to stay in countries where most people speak French for a long time. French Maestro makes the process of learning French easy. With clear videos and audios, you can learn how to pronounce French the right way and speak the language like a native.

Source : Gregorian calendar

About the Author yannick

Born in Paris where he has spent more than 30 years, Yannick is a French native speaker now based in Ireland. His interest in learning foreign languages comes from his Italian grand-father, his Spanish wife and his Japanese sister-in-law. Teaching French has been a passion since his early twenties when he spent countless hours exchanging with international students.

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