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How to say Good Night in French - FrenchMaestro
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How to say Good Night in French

Saying good night is one of the most common phrases in any language. And just like in the English language there are several ways to say good night in French. French is a rich, vibrant, beautiful language that is one of the easiest to learn and provides several ways with saying good night.

Saying Goodnight to Others

Bonne Nuit (bohn NWEE): The standard way to say good night in the French language is Bonne Nuit It is a very simple, common way to say the phrase. It is used when you are telling someone or a group of people that you are retiring or going to sleep for the evening. However, there are other ways to express good night to someone in French.

Bonsoir (bong-SWAHR): This phrase translates to good night or good evening. It is most often used when saying hello or greeting someone in the evening or at night. Bonsoir is also a very common phrase and most often heard when meeting friends or family under the evening or night sky.

Telling Someone Your Actions

Je vais dormer (zhuh vay door-mee): This is another variation when announcing that you are going to sleep. The phrase itself does not necessarily imply that it is night, but it is often used when retiring for the evening. Je vais dormer translates to I will go to sleep.

Je vais me coucher (zhuh vay meh koo-shay): Here, the phrase translates to I will go to bed which is a slight variation of Je vais dormer. The difference is that you are telling someone or a group of people the destination as opposed to telling them that you are going to sleep although the phrases can be interchanged.

Je vais pieuter (zhuh vay pyuh-teh): This is a slang term in French that translates to I am going to sleep. It is very similar to Je vais dormer, but again it is a slang term that is fairly common in the French language.

Je vais roupiller (zhuh vay ru-pii-jeh): This is another slang term or phrase in French that translates to I am going to snooze. As with the English language, there are variations for the term sleep and this is incorporated into the French language as well.

Wishing Someone Good Night in French

Dormez bien (door-meh byang): This is a term that translates to sleep well. Here, you are wishing the person a pleasant night’s sleep.

Fais de beaux reves (feh duh bo RAI-vuh):This is a phrase that means sweet dreams. It directly translates to make of beautiful dreams.

J’espere que vous dormez tranquille (zeh-spehr ker voo Door-me trahn-KEEL): A longer phrase that translates to I hope that you sleep soundly. It can also mean I hope you sleep tranquilly, peacefully, or calmly.

Dormez comme un loir (door-meh cohm eu lwar): This is more of a slang phrase that roughly translates to sleep like a log.

Dormez comme un bebe (door-meh cohm eu beh-beh): This is a variation of the previous phrase which tells a person that you hope they sleep like a baby.

All of these variations are meant to say good night in French either from the actions you take to wishing someone else a good night.

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